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With SndControl Basic, no need to bookmark your web players or find your music tab - and its free. You can upgrade to SndControl Premium to customize your perfect audio combination like YouTube, Pocket Casts, TuneIn, Pandora® and Spotify®. Then just hit play.View Pricing Plans

Why you’ll love using SndControl

Music...while you work? Now listen all day with no-nonsense audio in your browser.

SndControl's time-saving features:

  • Your Launcher for smooth player startup
  • Your Clicker for simple playback controls
  • Your Controlpad for sweet popup with full audio controls
  • Your Keys for music shortcuts
  • and it's all free for as long as you want

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About Us and You

At SndControl, we are minimalists by nature. In the early days of web music, we found ourselves missing the simplicity of just pressing play on the stereo and enjoying music. The daily online music frustrations accumulated. Ad injections everywhere. Clunky player interfaces. Hidden music controls. Overcomplicated gimmicky features. The list of annoyances goes on. Early web audio players needed help.

We started with a basic mission—to make online music simpler for you—beginning with audio in the web browser. In 2013, we launched our first beta version called SoundControl. We anchored our “just hit play” idea in a Google Chrome™ browser extension by integrating first with Pandora®. Soon after we launched, your requests for more features and more web audio player integrations flooded our inboxes.

Ultimately, our plan is to create a single straight-forward web audio player for all your online media anchored in your browser. This will hopefully eliminate your switching pains between online music services. You’ll have the freedom to use whichever service delivers the best music at the best price. You’ll be in control.